Something to try at the Canteen!

We are going to offer over-the-counter items as a trial on a fortnightly basis.  We are hopeful the students and staff trial and enjoy them.

Starting next week (Week 9) we will be selling:

  • PUMPKIN SOUP with a BREAD ROLL for $2.00.  The soup will be served warm in a polystyrene cup with a lid.  This will occur on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday

Why don’t you give these a try and let us know what you think!  We welcome your feedback

Please pack come money to try these items next week!

A positive start!

It is hard to believe that the first week has gone!  The new Reception children have successfully managed their first week of school life.  The parents/carers and Reception teachers have benefitted from some quality time to talk about their child and about the year ahead.

We enjoyed meeting you at Monday’s “Cheers or Tears” parent/carer get together.  We didn’t have to get many tissues ready but instead had a beverage and enjoyed the company of others experiencing the kindy/school transition for 2017.  We had the opportunity to meet Mr Steve Freeman, our new Principal, Pamela Hansen, our new School Chaplain, members of the Leadership team, Governing Council and Parent Network.  We had a very positive turn-out and trust that this will set the tone for many school community events throughout the year ahead.

We thank parents/carers for preparing your child to:

  • arrive and leave school at the correct school times
  • abide by the school uniform policy and dress your child in the correct attire and accessories

and for parents/carers themselves to:

  • make a time to have a conversation with the Reception teacher one afternoon
  • become networked with our communication choices – Newsblog, Team App,  and official Facebook pages associated with the school/class
  • make necessary payments such as school and excursion fees
  • prepare to attend a Volunteer Induction Workshop (see dates on next post)
  • consider a volunteering role eg. parent network, governing council, canteen, sport or classroom helper

We are most appreciative of your involvement in your child’s start to school and we hope that you build a sense of connectedness within our school community.


Welcome to our new Reception families

It is soon time for your son/daughter to commence their life as a school person at Woodend Primary School.  We look forward to welcoming them next Monday 30 January from 8:30am onwards dressed in their school uniform with school bag and ready for the morning.  Our Reception teachers are busy preparing for their arrival.
A reminder of the following events commencing next week:
1. Your child stays until 12:30pm each day for the first week and on one of the afternoons you will have time booked to have a ‘Building Connections’ conversation with your child’s teacher.  Please see your child’s teacher if you are yet to organise this.
2. You are welcome to our “Cheers or Tears” Get Together on the morning of that Monday 30/1/17.  The leadership team, including our new Principal, Mr Steve Freeman, and members of Parent Network look forward to chatting with you.
3.   Our Volunteer Induction workshops commence next week.  They will take place on:
TUESDAY 31/1/17          9:15 – 10:30am
WEDNESDAY 1/2/17      9:15 – 10:30am
TUESDAY 7/2/17            6:00 – 7:30pm
These will take place in the staff room.  Please call the front office to register interest.
If you require any more information about your child’s start to school, please see your child’s teacher or contact the front office.
We look forward to meeting with you and we trust your son/daughter has a positive start at Woodend Primary School.

Items to collect!

Can you be a “bowerbird” during the holidays?   To build up supplies in the sandpit, outdoor and indoor play areas could you collect:

  •   bed sheet/s
  •   saucepans
  •   buckets
  •   plastic containers
  •   ladels
  •   plastic cups
  •   plastic spades
  •   sieves
  •   price-reduced calendars or diaries
  •   table cloths
  •   tea towels

The items can be left in Mrs Luke’s office.  Thank you for your support of the play program.



Welcome to new Reception families

Here is the ‘Welcome to new families’ parent information session that was conducted by Brian Marshall and Cathie Luke at the first Orientation visit last Thursday 1 December 2016.  This may be helpful if you were unable to attend or you would like to reference some sections.

Our second and final Orientation visit is this Thursday 8 December and your child is in the same session as last Thursday.  Parent/carers do not need to stay for the 90 minutes.

[embeddoc url=”–1kqsk99.pdf” viewer=”google”]

Welcome families to Woodend!

It is soon time for Woodend’s Orientation visits for new Reception children.  We welcome and look forward to meeting children and families visiting our school.  The children and parents/carers will have an opportunity to meet the leadership team, spend time in their classroom and with their 2017 teacher/s.  This will take place on Thursday 1 December and Thursday 8 December 2016.

For some children starting school it can be exciting and fun, for some it is approached with caution, and for others it is an anxious time.  Our team of Reception teachers, School Service Officers and leaders are well aware of the varying emotions that come with changing learning environments and we also know that transition to school takes time.  We  look forward to and work hard at building warm and positive  relationships with each child and family.  Our ‘Building Connections Conversations in Term 1 Week 1 provides us with that opportunity to find out more about your child from you that assists us to better accommodate for your child’s needs.

Transitioning to school requires a partnership – the partnership of the teacher/s, the child and the parents/carers.  In every way possible we work to effect a smooth transition for your child. Together we want your child to feel comfortable, valued and develop a sense of belonging and identity within their friendship group, classroom and school.  There are many ways we, together, can support your child to transition smoothly.  One resource, Kids Matter ‘Thinking about Transition to School’ information sheet written by Jane Godwin provides valuable tips.  We hope you find this information sheet useful.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the school, post a question, or speak to a member of staff at the Orientation visits.


Check out our new Winter Menu!

Our new Woodend Canteen Winter Menu not only has a new look, it has become a seasonal menu!  You will find some changes to suit the cooler weather over these next 2 terms.  The changes to the menu are based on: improving nutrition, popular choices and availability. For example, potato nuggets have been replaced by wedges in the ‘Chicken Nugget’ and Farmyard Nest’ meals and Butter Chicken is no longer available.  We also have reintroduced ‘Special Lunch’ days with items linked to the season.  This term is a Baked Potato with 2 choices of filling!  Nutritious and filling on a cold autumn/winter’s day.  We hope your child gets the opportunity to try one.
We trust that you will find this menu a welcome change, clear to read, and inviting so that your child can have the opportunity to try out our many choices at the canteen.  Remember that you now have the option of ordering and paying for lunches online using QKR – many families have found this a quick and easy way to organise lunches.
Special thanks to the Healthy Eating Canteen Committee for their time, energy and enthusiasm in critiquing the menu choices and for Kerri M for creatively designing the menu.

Did you know?

Here at Woodend we have a Healthy Eating Committee.  At our first committee meeting for the year, we worked on defining our purpose and directions.  This is our purpose:

Healthy eating and drinking at Woodend Primary School is about improving the health and wellbeing of our children. We can do this by:

  • Providing healthy food and beverages and support students and families to make better choices about their consumption
  • Promoting nutritious and healthy choices

We reference the Government of South Australia’s Right Bite Healthy Food and Drink Supply Strategy for South Australian Pre schools and Schools to ensure we are consistent with the recommended guidelines.

Our committee consists of canteen staff, parent volunteers and representatives of school leadership.  Student volunteers support the canteen program. We also consult with students during times of planning and decision making.

We avoid marketing commercialized products where possible.  We aim to promote produce that is freshly made to families.

In our efforts to continually improve our choices on our ‘Woodies Goodies’ menu we will let you know items that we have available or are about to trial.  We are always in need of volunteers to assist us prepare more nutritious and healthy choices.  If there is any day of the week that you can spare 15 minutes, 30, 45, 60 or 90 minutes – any amount of time, we would be very grateful of your help.  All you need to do is call in at our canteen or let front office staff know of your interest.   Our friendly canteen staff are: Helen Lewis, Di Thomas and Lee Francis.  They would be very welcoming and happy to see you volunteer in the canteen!

Two recent snack items we have available are:

  • Fruit salad cups – a variety of fresh seasonal fruits in a cup  $1.00
  • Yoghurt cups – low fat vanilla flavoured yoghurt topped with fresh fruit  50c

You can encourage your child to buy one and give them a try!  They are nice and cold and taste delicious especially on a warm day.  We look forward to seeing you as a volunteer and or your child coming to buy at our canteen.


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Woodend Kindy spends time with us

We have really enjoyed spending time with the kindy children this term.  Children from Woodend Childrens Centre and Trott Park Kindergarten have visited the Reception classes each week this term.  They have had opportunities  to play with Mrs Ogilvie’s class on a Monday afternoon and/or to participate in singing and dancing with Mrs Brown’s and Mrs Klinkert/Cole’s Receptions on a Thursday morning.  These visits to each other’s sites occur throughout the year and is an integral part of our Transition program.  This time together helps the children orientate themselves with school life.  We thank the teachers from both sites for conducting the visits

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