Updated 20/02/15

We have our own News blog which  provides ongoing news posts, rather than a traditional fortnightly newsletter.  We encourage you to subscribe to the News blog (simply click the subscribe button at the bottom right of the page).  This will give you email notifications, at most once a day, if there is news posted on this blog.

We encourage you to explore the use of our Woodend Team App. This will allow you to tailor your notifications about  sports teams, committee, class  and news events.

If you haven’t already joined team app, it is easy to do. The app is available for free on all smart phones and can also be accessed from a computer ( Once you have the app, search for ‘Woodend Primary School’ and select the ‘teams’ that you wish to join. Selecting the teams that are relevant to you (eg your child’s class and sports teams) means that you will get only the notifications that you need. This is an app we are trying to  grow and develop into a useful communication resource.  Therefore it will get better as we start to use it more.

Note that individual classes will also put out a newsletter at times during the term which your child’s teacher will discuss with you.

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    • Thanks for let me know. Have checked the link and it definitely needs fixing. I’ll update the link as soon as I have a new one.

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