Parking / Kiss and go

Given that it comes up every year and is a constant source of frustration for parents and caregivers dropping and picking up their children I thought it would be timely to let new parents know about some history on parking at the school and clarity how it should work.

Previously the school had a kiss and go for morning drop offs and afternoon pick ups on Edward Beck Drive. Particularly in the afternoon there was a concerning amount of double parking, cars waiting around the pedestrian crossing and generally some dangerous driving activity. The council was consulted and they monitored the area. Attempts were made by staff and even police to alleviate congestion however they were faced with a lot of abuse. So the decision was made by Governing Council and Marion Council to trial ceasing kiss and go in the afternoon. Whilst there is still concerns with the after school pick up it has been improved.

So Woodend Primary School has a kiss and go area in the morning between 8.30-8.55am so there is NO parking in this allocated section of Edward Beck Drive. This area in the afternoon is parking only.

In the mornings you are able to get out of your car to assist your child/children get out of the car but your car should not be left unattended for any period of time and your should move out of the area as soon as possible being mindful of other vehicles and children.

In the afternoon a teacher is on duty on the deck near this area to ensure the safety of children until they are picked up. There is a teacher on duty until 3.20pm so it is not necessary to be ready and waiting at 3.05 particularly for older children. It may be helpful to arrange with your children that you will come 10-15 min after the bell. It is also helpful to remind children of the procedure for if you are running late and make them aware that they should go to the front office so that staff can contact you.

The car parking area off Edward Beck Drive is for staff only.

A quick note also in regards to Bathbank Crescent. The parking bay is for the Kindergarten only and should not be used as a kiss and go. There are many young children in this area so it is dangerous to have numerous vehicles moving in and out. The Woodend Children’s Centre have instigated a flexible pick-up time to help alleviate congestion along Bathbank.

The speed limit past the school is 25km/h at all times students are present, including for after hours sport and school events.

School crossing are located on Edward Beck and Young Street. Please encourage students to cross the roads at these points.

The safety of children and others using the area is the priority. Please be considerate, patient and respectful of others.

The school and Governing Council is aware of the frustrations with traffic movement and is this year working alongside Way2Go to try to come up with solutions so please be assured that it is not being ignored. If you have specific concerns you can contact our local MP Corey Wingard via  To find out more about Way2Go you can check out the website at



Car Parking

Woodend Governing Council, in conjunction with the Marion Council, has put in place a number of restrictions around our school. We aim to protect student safety. Parents are asked NOT to use the staff carpark.

There are some parking restrictions along Edward Beck Drive and the drop-off area. There is NO PARKING from 8.30-8.55am.

The speed limit past the school is 25km/h at all times students are present, including for after hours sport and school events.

School crossing are located on Edward beck and Lemon Roads, Please encourage students to cross the roads a these points.