School Blog and Team App

Woodend Primary have a whole school blog that can keep you up to date with rolling news everyday. You can subscribe to this blog and you will get new posts directly to your email once a day. You can do this by going to There is a subscribe button on the bottom of the screen and if you don’t see that you can scroll to the bottom of the posts and fill in your email details there.

This blog replaces the old newsletter and allows us to communicate information quickly. You can also access the blog from team app which is a free app available for both ios and android devices. Once you have downloaded the app simply search for Woodend Primary School and add this to your team app page. In the settings you are able to request membership to groups and classes that are relevant to you. Team App allows you to get alerts directly to your phone or tablet. You can also access team app through your home computer via the website

Acquaintance Night

Acquaintance night is held at the start of each year by each of the classes. This is an opportunity for you to meet your child’s teacher and get an understanding of how they work and what you can expect for your child during the year. It is held at night time so the majority of people can attend with partners and care givers. It is also a time when you can find out how you can help in the class and meet other parents and caregivers.

Please note that this is not a one-on-one interview with the teacher. There will be an opportunity later in the term for you to have this meeting with the teacher to discuss how your child is going and cover issues specific to your child. Obviously if you have an immediate concerns then you can speak to the teacher and make a time to have a personal meeting with them.

This year the Acquaintance night will be held on Tuesday 10th February 2015 with times depending on your child’s year level and class. You should receive information from the teacher regarding the time.


Updated 20/02/15

We have our own News blog which  provides ongoing news posts, rather than a traditional fortnightly newsletter.  We encourage you to subscribe to the News blog (simply click the subscribe button at the bottom right of the page).  This will give you email notifications, at most once a day, if there is news posted on this blog.

We encourage you to explore the use of our Woodend Team App. This will allow you to tailor your notifications about  sports teams, committee, class  and news events.

If you haven’t already joined team app, it is easy to do. The app is available for free on all smart phones and can also be accessed from a computer ( Once you have the app, search for ‘Woodend Primary School’ and select the ‘teams’ that you wish to join. Selecting the teams that are relevant to you (eg your child’s class and sports teams) means that you will get only the notifications that you need. This is an app we are trying to  grow and develop into a useful communication resource.  Therefore it will get better as we start to use it more.

Note that individual classes will also put out a newsletter at times during the term which your child’s teacher will discuss with you.