Play is the Way

Woodend has incorporated PLAY IS THE WAY and other social and emotional learning programs such as Community Circle to target wellbeing and learning.

PLAY IS THE WAY® is a practical methodology for teaching social and emotional learning using guided play, classroom activities and an empowering language. It is a process that gives primary schools a way to develop, improve and entrench the personal and social capabilities of students.
PLAY IS THE WAY® is suitable for primary school children of all ages, abilities and ethnic backgrounds.  No particular sporting or athletic ability is required to successfully participate.
The PLAY IS THE WAY® Complete Program uses:
  • a unique program of physically interactive games 
  • key concepts to guide students through life and learning
  • a specific and empowering language to help attain self-mastery
  • a philosophy of behaviour education and student self-regulation that fosters independent, self-motivated, empathetic, life-long learners.

Wilson McCaskill is the Founder/Director of the program, Play Is The Way, and has presented workshops here at Woodend in previous years.

Bill Boylans is the Principal of Tapping Primary School in Western Australia where the purpose and ethos of the whole school centres around development of students social and emotional well being.

Wilson and Bill will work with us to consolidate our work with the programs we offer and support us in the next stages of our journey. We look forward to sharing our successes and using their expertise to improve our practices in the area of social and emotional learning.

For parents and caregivers, some great information, resources and videos can be found on the PLAY IS THE WAY website. For example the THE 4 I’s OF GOOD PARENTING and 10 TIPS FOR PARENTS. There is also a list of upcoming workshops if you would like to attend.